1. What are the ingredients of School House Cold Brew Coffee? The ingredients of School House Cold Brew Coffee are time, filtered Water and carefully selected specialty grade coffee, roasted specifically for our unique brew method. 


2. Are there any allergens in School House Cold Brew Coffee? School House Cold Brew Coffee contains no preservatives, no added flavorings, no added sugars of any kind, or any other nasties like preservatives or flavorings. 


3. How is School House Cold Brew Coffee made? While the brew method of School House Cold Brew is kept tightly sealed under lock and key, we can confirm that the magic of unicorns may or may not be involved!


4. How long is School House Cold Brew Coffee good for

Upon receipt or purchase refrigerate and enjoy your cold brew for up to 14 days from the date of arrival or in-person purchase. 


5. How much caffeine is in School House Cold Brew Coffee? Being a coffee product, it goes without saying that School House Cold Brew Coffee is naturally caffeinated. We have had it tested and while caffeine content varies based on the specific coffee selected, as well as the roast profile, the brew time is what plays the most significant role in determining caffeine content. Generally speaking, based on our brew time (24 hours) one 12oz bottle has about the same caffeine content as a cup of brewed coffee. All that being said, we continue to hear people describe the caffeine experience from School House Cold Brew Coffee as delivering more brightness and alertness to their day compared to the more aggressive caffeine rushes and coffee crashes of more typical hot and cold coffee beverages. Please remember, this is a guide. The way caffeine interacts with your biochemistry is unique to you.


6. Does the 24-hour steeping process make the taste stronger? Rather than using the word "stronger", it would be more accurate to say School House Cold Brew tastes "more complex" as you enjoy that first sip and every sip thereafter. Your ability to access the delicate complexity of each School House Cold Brew will depend on your sensory sensitivity.


7. How do you describe the taste of School House Cold Brew CoffeeThe three most commonly used words School House Cold Brew Coffee drinkers use to describe School House Cold Brew are "smooth", "clean" and "tasty". Because of its uniqueness, giving you a more concrete description isn't possible. We can't emphasize this enough - it's a completely different cold brew experience that you haven't had before. If you ARE having School House Cold Brew Coffee for the first time, we recommend that you put aside everything you expect from, and know about, coffee and approach this as though you were trying a completely new beverage. Keep your mind open to the tantalizing relationship between the aroma, flavor, and aftertaste. It may be confusing at first. That's just because your brain hasn't tasted anything like it and it's trying to figure it out.


8. How should I drink my School House Cold Brew CoffeeLike with all carefully curated flavor experiences, School House Cold Brew Coffee is an experience to be savored rather than passively consumed. School House Cold Brew Coffee is intended to be enjoyed cold. Everyone has a personal preference for how they prefer to drink School House Cold Brew.  A quick tip: Though you don't need to add anything to your School House Cold Brew (no milk/creamer, no sweetener). You won't need it. We created it to enjoy right out of the bottle. Everyone's taste preference is different, so feel free to add creamer and enjoy it at memorable moments either on your own or with others.


9. Does School House Cold Brew Coffee have any alcohol in it? No! School House Cold Brew Coffee is 100% non-alcoholic and there is nothing in the brew method that could in any way produce alcohol.  


10. Can I order School House Cold Brew Coffee for a private or work event? If you'd like to order School House Cold Brew Coffee for your event, we can absolutely accommodate your request. The only thing we ask is for at least a 2 week lead time. We make everything fresh and this gives us enough to make sure our specially roasted beans are ready for the brew process. Please email us your event details, quantities etc. at info@schoolhousecoffeeco.com with your request for your event. Our customers mean everything to us.



11. Do you ship worldwide? We currently only ship in and around the Central Florida area via USPS. Shipping internationally is unfortunately very expensive and therefore prohibitive at this stage.  

12. We would like to stock School House Cold Brew Coffee at our store. We are always exploring new dealer/distributor relationships. Please email us your request at info@schoolhousecoffeeco.com